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Welcome to the Eden Fleet Wiki!

Outpost Eden is a Star Trek Play by Email RPG set in a spin off from the "Prime" universe (the one seen in the TV series, movies 1-10 and the events in elder Spock's home universe in Star Trek XI). Here you'll find information about our group, including how events have progressed in our universe since the destruction of the Hobus Star in 2387.

Active Mission Reports
USS Odyssey: Mission Log
Stardate 239501.16: Odyssey is called to Starbase 520, which has been experiencing a rash of unexplained destructive incidents. There are accusations of incompetence on the part of the base staff, whispers of possible terrorism by the Vriha Sulla, and rumors of an undisclosed criminal element.
USS Ares: Mission Log
Science Officers Assistant's Log, Stardate 239408.15: The crew are investigating a strange hollow asteroid that seems to be home to some curious and possibly dangerous aliens. I just wish Ens. Lozano would give me a look at the scans...
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